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What's New on DutchessAbroad.com ?

'12 April 30
Judith has recently agreed to lead cultural tours of Seattle. See the tours page for more information.

'09 Jan 02
We've added another article that was recently published in the International Examiner; Ovation Award winner Jennifer Paz Lives the Fairytale (for Jennifer Paz playing the lead role in the romantic fairytale, 'Beauty and the Beast' (at the Issaquah Village Theatre) parallels real life at the moment).

'08 Dec 19
We've added 11 additional articles that have been published in the International Examiner between October 2006 and the present time. These articles include a review of Episode 16 of Sex in the City, the latest in the longest running episodic theater show in the United States, where nothing is as it seems; ReAct's performance of "Wonder of the World", which will change the way you think of Barbie Dolls forever; a description of the Sullivan Collection of modern Chinese Art; Juliet Kono's new book "Ho'olulu Park and the Pepsodent Smile"; and and More! These articles are all available as web pages and as PDFs - Enjoy!

'07 Oct 30
We've added a navigatable site map.

'07 Oct 19
Many of pages have been updated with new text, a few additional links and visuals, including wordsmithing, translations, creative writing & journalism, and the biography pages.

'07 April 4
Added an IE article published in October: Cool Tools - Love Story. There is nothing prosaic about the writing, the photography or styling of this lovely book. Author Kate Klippensteen, her partner, photographer Yasuo Konishi, stylist Ori Koyama and their art director Kazuhiko Miki transformed kitchenware to "objets d'art" before daring to propose that you take a book on kitchen utensils to your coffee table....

'06 Sept 28
We've added 27 additional articles that have been published in the International Examiner between April 2006 and the present time. The articles range from reviews of performances, such as Bombay Dreams, Ivan Dinh in The Nerd, Sex in Seattle, and Cathay: 3 tales of China, to portraits of artists such as Aki Sogabi and Alan Lau, performers such as Vivian Gu, businesses such as Chocolati and to retrospectives such as David Ishii. They also include book reviews such as Small Houses, Big Ideas and exhibit reviews, such as the Dai Family's National Treasures of China or the Sikh Exhibit and More! These articles are all available as web pages and as PDFs.

'05 May 14
Added IE article published earlier this month: Sightseeing through the eyes of a Thai writer. Seattle was the sixth city in six days Rattawut Lapcharoensap ("Call me 'A'"), visited on his whirlwind US book tour promoting his short story collection "Sightseeing". "It's all new to me, people knowing my work, readings, signings and interviews," "A" said...

'05 April 5
Added IE article published in March: ReAct with "The Shape of Things" by Neil Labute... It's all about boundaries, and the distance people are willing to go for relationships, love, and for art...

'05 April 5
Site launched !

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