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2004 - present
Public Speaker
Tour guide at the Seattle Central Public Library

After a Long Silence, reading poetry and essay, Seattle, WA.

Creative Acts of Healing performance ADEC 2000, Charlotte, NC.

Creative Acts of Healing book tour.
Hugo House, Seattle, WA.
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Billings, MT.
Barnes & Noble, Sioux Falls, SD.
Borders Books Shop, Minneapolis, MN.
Barnes & Noble, Notre Dame/ South Bend, IN.
Borders Books, Cleveland OH.

Gertrude Stein marathon, Hugo House, Seattle, WA.

Reading at Home. Pot-luck poetry, Seattle, WA.

International Poetry Festival, Austin, TX.
Poem Lost

photo of Shakesphere and Co. owner, George Whitman, a customer, and Judith van Praag - click to view larger image in a popup window
Shakesphere & Co.
owner, the legendary
George Whitman,
a customer, and
Judith van Praag,
Paris 1991
photo © Marjan Schelvis

Chicken Lunch break, Winship Hall, Drama Dept. University of Texas at Austin.
Long Hand Stenography School of Architecture University of Texas at Austin.
Graves at the Fine Arts Department. University of Texas at Austin.
To Dream and Smile and Burning Fire Explode Blue Door Gallery, San Antonio, TX.
One Woman 48 minutes, Chicago Playhouse, Austin, TX.

Short/ Shorts at Shakespeare & Co, Paris/ France.

Molly Bloom, from James Joyce's ULYSSES. Group reading at Shakespeare & Co, Paris.

Judith performing in the Estranger in Oosterkerk
1988: Judith performing
in the 'Estranger'
in Oosterkerk
photo © Jean van Lingen

Living Beyond Fear by Jeanne Segal Ph.d. Choreographed movement of dancer in educational video and performed in same as patient, Los Angeles, CA.

Man in Space/ The Estranger Performance within art installation at the Amsterdam Oosterkerk.

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