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The following articles are selected Interviews, Profiles, Book Reviews, Performance, and Exhibit Previews & Reviews for the International Examiner by Judith van Praag.

The mission of the International Examiner (est. 1974), is to provide accurate, in-depth, timely, and sensitive coverage of local, regional, national, and international issues that affect Asian Americans, immigrants and people of color - more...

Ovation Award winner Jennifer Paz Lives the Fairytale
For Jennifer Paz playing the lead role in the romantic fairytale, 'Beauty and the Beast' (at the Issaquah Village Theatre) parallels real life at the moment.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Etsuko Ichikawa Surprises at BAM
Visitors to Etsuko Ichikawa's solo exhibition at the Bellevue Art Museum are in for a triple treat: A meditative video, a triptych in the Atrium, and an intimate installation.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Chinese Aerialists A Double Treat
While Rui and Ming's act may look like "no sweat", it is highly demanding. Their connection is intense, and shows the essence of collaboration.... read on... (or download PDF version)
"Sex in Seattle" Fun-Filled Asian American Answer to "Friends"
All over the country, theater audiences have been dwindling, but SIS always plays for a full house.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Broadway Star Michael K. Lee makes Village Theatre a second home
You want to see a good musical? Go east. No, not back East, east on I-90.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Dinh Q. Le creates dialogue between cultures and generation
The compelling attraction of Lê's work is for a large part his ability to combine the seductive elements of conceptual art, the finesse of craft, and the re-presentational power of design.... read on... (or download PDF version)
ReAct's "Wonder of the World" will change the way you think of Barbie Dolls...
Big life lessons may be learned from a play, and sometimes inadvertently even more so WHILE you're laughing your head off… read on.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Artists from Shenzhen and Seattle find Common Language in Prints
The aim of the organizers of the upcoming artists exchange, "Common Language: Shenzhen/ Seattle", is to encourage understanding between cultures and nations.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Sullivan Collection of modern Chinese Art Memorial to Love and Friendship
Huge portraits of Khoan Sullivan, painted by Qu Leilei, a member of the dissident Star Group (1980s), are both dated 2002. The image of the older Khoan goes accompanied by the words, "I have a way".... read on... (or download PDF version)
Au Yong Follows Own Path while fulfilling Father's Dream
On June 18 and 19, 2007 the Theatre Off Jackson will present "Stuck Elevator: The Super-Heroic Stationary Journey of Ming Kuang Chen".... read on... (or download PDF version)
Juliet S. Kono Explores Storms of Life in Poetry and Prose
Poets and writers often write about place: some imagine a metaphorical island inhabited with characters brought to life by their imagination, and some live on actual islands.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Seattle "neighbors" talk about their favorite "Cool Tools"
Etsuko swears by using a Solingen knife for all-purpose cutting. Patti's favorite is a Mac, and she uses a Japanese whetstone to sharpen all of her knives.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Cool Tools - Love Story
There is nothing prosaic about the writing, the photography or styling of this lovely book. Author Kate Klippensteen, her partner, photographer Yasuo Konishi, stylist Ori Koyama and their art director Kazuhiko Miki transformed kitchenware to "objets d'art" before daring to propose that you take a book on kitchen utensils to your coffee table.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Bombay Dreams
Mark your calendars for Bollywood is coming to town! Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre is the final stop on the National Tour of "Bombay Dreams"... read on... (or download PDF version)
Sikh Exhibit at Wing Luke Asian Museum
On Saturday, April 8 at 2 p.m., you're invited to a vibrant, musical event: "Images Through the Ages", at the "Theatre Off Jackson". Bring the family to listen to the Tabla, the Dilruba, the vibrant beats of the Dhol, and watch, or become part of the Bhangra (folk dance) performance... read on... (or download PDF version)
ReAct with: to Gillian on her 37th Birthday
Repertory Actors Theatre, Seattle's only Multiethnic Philanthropic Theatre Company starts the 2006 season with Michael Brady's "To Gillian on her 37th Birthday" ... read on... (or download PDF version)
Ivan Dinh in the Nerd
Ivan Dinh has returned to the stage! After a hiatus of five years, during which he worked on independent movies and videos, such as "Simply FOBulous" ,"Black Sheep of Chinatown" , "Going Straight" , and "What You're Leading Me To?" ; the actor, who in the past appeared... read on... (or download PDF version)
Degenerate Art Ensemble: Imagination and collaboration
The Degenerate Art Ensemble has a faithful following in the US and Europe. Those in the know will rush to purchase tickets before the Moore Theatre is sold out. DAE's performances assure a full house. If you haven't made acquaintance with DAE, don't be put off by the name. If anything, the choice of words covers, or packages the immense possibilities of the band of creatives that make up the company... read on... (or download PDF version)
David Ishii: Bookseller of Asian America
On December 31, 2005, visitors were ushered into the space at 212 First Avenue, in Pioneer Square, which for 32 years had housed David Ishii's well-known bookstore. Except for a few framed photographs on the red brick walls, some shelves, and boxes filled with odds & ends, the answering machine on the floor, the space was cleared. Cleared but far from empty... read on... (or download PDF version)
Celebrate Khmer New Year with Rajana Society
Every third Saturday of each month the staff of the Wing Luke Asian Museum organizes a fun filled educational arts and crafts day for children and families. On March 18, 2006, the focus will be on Khmer (Cambodian) art and culture... read on... (or download PDF version)
Chinese Art Exhibit opens with a bang
On Sunday, December 18, the "National Treasures of China" art exhibit at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, downtown Seattle, was opened with a big Bang! The Seattle International Lion Dance Team treated VIP guests (and surprised passers by) with a performance. Dancing on the rhythm of drums, the lions made their rounds, their presence symbolizing a blessed beginning for the special traveling art show... read on... (or download PDF version)
Chocolati in Seattle
Pardon me for licking my fingers. I just ate part of the artfully decorated chocolate -J- I received in the mail yesterday, just in time for "Sinterklaas" on the 5th of December.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Chinese Art Exhibit comes to Seattle
The Dai Family's ancestors were high-level officials in the Qing Dynasty and began the tradition of collecting masterpieces around 1900. Considering the political situation in China over the past 100 years, it's amazing the family managed to keep their collection as complete as it is... read on... (or download PDF version)
Okada: Lessons in Art History
If it isn't the composition, or the vibrant colors, it's the multi layered, multitude of brush strokes that make his work sing. Frank Okada made music visible.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Limón shares his Love for Korea
For nearly 30 years, detective novel writer Martin Limón (1947) has had an ongoing love affair with Korea. At age 17, east L.A. born and raised Limón enlisted in the US army. At first stationed in Fort Lewis, WA, he was sent to Korea in 1968, for a so called "hardship tour". Korea, suffering the aftermath of the war was considered a third world country. Only the higher ranked officers were able to take their family; troops lived in isolation, far away from home. On and around the army base, a world all of its own was formed.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Sex in Seattle
You're cordially invited to attend the wedding of Ms. Elizabeth Ko and Mr. Harold Chinn. You don't know these people, or their parents? Not to worry. Whether you're an old friend or new on the scene, Elizabeth & Harold, together with the rest of the "Sex in Seattle" cast will be more than happy to welcome you to episode 12: "My Ultra Quirky Asian American Wedding"... read on... (or download PDF version)
Etsuko Ichikawa
Etsuko Ichikawa: a brief moment eternalized in a print... read on... (or download PDF version)
Cathay: 3 tales of China
The Seattle Repertory Theatre presents "Cathay: 3 tales of China", by Chinese American theater artist Ping Chong and the Puppetry Division of the Shaanxi Folk Art Theater from Xian, China... read on... (or download PDF version)
Aki Sogabi: A celebrated creator of kiri-e
One of the artists featured at the International Examiner's ARTSetc celebration on November 5th, is Aki Sogabe, a celebrated creator of kiri-e (paper cut)... read on... (or download PDF version)
King & I, reigns in Seattle
Susan Kikuchi has recreated Jerome Robbin's original choreography as modern dance with Asian flair. Especially in "The Small House of Uncle Thomas" , the performers, clad in gorgeous costumes by Roger Kirk, and lead by Natalie Turner as Eliza and guided by the angel, portrayed by Sae La Chin, drive that scene home to 2005.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Gruenewald tells the story that needs to be told
Many of us have a story within that begs to be told. We put it off, and off, telling ourselves: "One day, I'll sit down and write it down." Often we need a little push... read on... (or download PDF version)
Small Houses, Big Ideas
In his foreword to "The Very Small Home: Japanese Ideas for Living Well in Limited Space", by Azby Brown, architect Kengo Kuma remembers, "An Account of My Hut", an essay by poet and literary recluse Kamo no Chomei (1153-1216).... read on... (or download PDF version)
Taking in the work of Rene Yung
After receiving her degree from Stanford University, Yung worked as a designer in the applied arts, creating packaging for companies such as Levi and Strauss. Ten years ago she made a big career change. She said farewell to her "I want to make profit" clients, and stepped into the -not for profit- art world to create mixed media art installations.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Books fly off the Shelf at ID "SoJa" Library Opening
Saturday morning, June 11, before the doors to the new International District/Chinatown Branch of the Seattle Public Library were festively opened, a patron slid the first item through the facade's check-in slot. "Wow, I'm the first!" he exclaimed. ... read on... (or download PDF version)
"Rolling in the Dirt" - Alan Lau gets down and dirty with art.
That most everybody who does anything in the arts in the Pacific Northwest knows the International Examiner's art editor, Alan Lau, was clear at the opening reception for his show at Francine Seders Gallery. What may not be clear is how he manages to do all the things he does.... read on... (or download PDF version)
Vivian Gu: Living in Harmony as Mother and Cellist
Vivian Gu's day starts when her two-year-old Annabella calls out for her mommy at six o'clock in the morning. Shortly after 7:30 a.m., Gu's mother arrives to relieve her daughter, who disappears to the basement for a 30-minute run on the treadmill. After a shower and breakfast, "always the same — oatmeal, with nuts ground by my father," Gu's off to Seattle Symphony's Benaroya Hall. No need to carry her instrument, for she keeps one cello at home and another at work... read on... (or download PDF version)
Kaiki Shoku (Eclipse)
The Aono Jikken Ensemble reminds me in more than one way of Le Theatre du Soleil (not to be confused with Cirque du Soleil), the multidisciplinary Parisian troupe headed by Ariane Mnoushkine. Both companies create entertaining sociopolitical performances, in both musicians and actors play equally important roles, and each makes use of an intricate soundscape created with a multitude of instruments from around the world. read on... (or download PDF version)
Mike Curato: "Love Now"
Nordstrom celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage this month with "Love Now" an exhibit of artwork by 13 Asian American children's book illustrators... read on... (or download PDF version)
Liu on Leadership
The meeting place is Seattle Central Library's Microsoft Auditorium, the date February 9, 2005. By 7 p.m. about 150 people have gathered on the rafters for a conversation between author Eric Liu and five community leaders and mentors... read on... (or download PDF version)
Sightseeing through the eyes of a Thai writer.
Seattle was the sixth city in six days Rattawut Lapcharoensap ("Call me 'A'"), visited on his whirlwind US book tour promoting his short story collection "Sightseeing". "It's all new to me, people knowing my work, readings, signings and interviews," "A" said... read on... (or download PDF version)
ReAct with "The Shape of Things"; by Neil Labute.
It's all about boundaries, and the distance people are willing to go for relationships, love, and for art... read on... (or download PDF version)
Pork Filled Players' New Show Trimmed of Excess Lard.
Since I don't eat pork, and a sense of humor is so subjective, I almost turned down the assignment to write a review about the latest performance by the Pork Filled Players. Am I glad, that I let go of my culinary and thespian prejudices... read on... (or download PDF version)
Beth Lo - Mahjong
The latest endeavor of versatile ceramic artist Beth Lo, is a children's book, "Mahjong All Day Long," created in collaboration with her sister Ginnie Lo, who signs for the text...read on... (or download PDF version)
Museum delves into Asian Adoptee Experience.
Artists often have their finger to the pulse of what's happening in the world. Modern Art curators pride themselves in creating exhibitions that are avant garde, ahead of the news, probing the conscience of the audience. Some things can't be planned, but are timely in an eerie manner... read on... (or download PDF version)
Jim Diers Neighbor Power.
In "Neighbor Power" Jim Diers relates the history and programs of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. In ten chapters the author explains the value of community, how to involve and connect neighbors, service centers and district councils... read on... (or download PDF version)
Bryon Au Yong
Imagine, you've gone to Jack Straw Productions on Roosevelt in the U.W. district to check out "YÍJÚ: Songs of Dislocation", composer Byron Au Yong's latest multi media installation. You ring the bell at the front door and are buzzed in... read on... (or download PDF version)
dk pan: bridging dichotomy
"my mother my father" is the title of a theater installation and performance series presented at the new SOIL Art Gallery (located in the rent controlled artists' haven in the renovated Tashiro Kaplan building... read on... (or download PDF version)
Luly's Design: Better than the Dream.
Suggestion is the power of the designer. Behind the windowpane –branded with Luly Yang's logo– stood an antique French chair, its muscular legs suggesting the ballerina's calves, the upholstered seat partially covered by a pile of tulle... read on... (or download PDF version)
Alan Shen and PSSO: All for the Love of Music.
Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra's founder and music director Alan Shen tells me all members of PSSO volunteer their skills. From the spirited conductor himself, from first violinist to percussionist, from guest performer to press agent put in time and effort without pay... read on... (or download PDF version)
Living Treasure: David Kuraoka.
Upon entering Francine Seders' Gallery, you're immediately confronted with 4-5' tall shapes, bronze replicas of pit fired ceramics by David Kuraoka. The glossy objects seem hewn out of marble, then polished to a perfect sheen; their colors mottled, deep orange, rusty brown, combined with black and intense white... read on... (or download PDF version)
The Urban Art of Darvin Vida.
The name of Darvin & Hoven Vida's tee-shirt business is "OVERSTAND". "As opposed to understand," Darvin said, his wife Tracy nodding in agreement. The modern meaning of this old word: to interpret too much. Example: "Don't overstand me; I only mean what I said."... read on... (or download PDF version)
Unique Designs of Jewelry and Sculpture.
Sandy Lew-Hailer can't show much of her old work, "everything always sold" she's never been one to document her creations well, but a wall of Sandy Lew-Hailer's studio is graced by a newspaper review showing the large photograph of a playful necklace; abstract shapes dancing around the wearer's neck... read on... (or download PDF version)
"Spanish Allusions" A Playful Reference by Louise Kikuchi.
Shown on the same floor as Dale Chihuli's glass art, Louise Kikuchi's work compares to his as water to fire, Prince's to Philip Glass' compositions, baroque to minimalism. And yet Kikuchi's sumi paintings are much more than merely dots in formation... read on... (or download PDF version)
Wing Luke Museum goes "Beyond Race".
In 2004, the Wing Luke Asian Museum takes the message of the Monkey to heart, innovative as always, WLAM leads with imagination. Beyond Talk: Redrawing Race, is the first exhibition at WLAM that involves a multiracial and multi-ethnic constituency outside of the Asian American communities... read on... (or download PDF version)
Chinese Master Printers come to Washington.
Art Partners International, headed by Georgetown artists Catherine Gill and Barbara Pitts initiate and organize cultural exchanges. Their goal is to encourage deeper understanding of different cultures by creating a network of people, one on one... read on... (or download PDF version)
Shinkichi the Last Samurai.
8'-9' tall warriors, sculpted out of foam board –part monstrous fighting machines, part hard core sensuality– embody what appears to be Shinkichi's trade mark; his art speaks of duality... read on... (or download PDF version)

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